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[LiveJournal "Writer's Block" question: What was the first computer game you ever played?]

I'm old enough that the answers for "computer game" and "video game" are different. The first computer games I played were tic-tac-toe and Hunt the Wumpus on my dad's account on the GEISCO engineering cluster, sometime in the mid-1970s; the terminal was a Texas Instruments Silent 700 printing on thermal paper.

The first video game was some off-brand pong that we bought at some point in the late Seventies; I remember it as having two-color output, several vaguely sports-themed variants, and a target-shooting game with a light gun. I've never been able to figure out exactly what brand it was, though I remember the box touting its "omni-directional controls" (small analog sticks).

It broke after about a week, and we got an Atari VCS some time after that.

Nothing I played before the Atari was all that addictive, but the games on the GE system had the novelty of playing a game on a computer.
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