Date: 2016-01-03 05:28 pm (UTC)
Of the Disney Infinity versions, the best value for money is probably v1.0 if you can find a decent price for it (it seems to be still selling for prices comparable to the later ones), because it comes with unlocks and characters for three of the six Play Set campaigns, and they're all good fun. You can get it for PS3.

However, it only comes with one character for each of these worlds, so you can't do two-player split-screen in them without buying some more. And there's a particular not-optional mission in Incredibles that is nearly impossible to do without a second player. The other two (Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters U.), you can play through easily with a single player.

2.0 and 3.0 both have the good version of the Toy Box, and there's also a lot of really quite clever user-generated Toy Box content you can download. Of them, 3.0 is the better value, because the Marvel Play Sets in 2.0 are half-baked, and the new Star Wars ones are pretty good. But they are also stingier; both of them only come with an unlock for one full-fledged Play Set. If you get the 3.0 starter pack you'll probably end up wanting to spend more money on Star Wars content.
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