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mmcirvin ([personal profile] mmcirvin) wrote2017-04-08 06:38 am

Imported entries up

I see the entries from my LJ imported successfully! Comment threads are next.

The thing this isn't going to handle is that for a while, I was using LiveJournal's Scrapbook feature as my primary online photo album. I'll have to stash those pictures somewhere else, probably Google. That will break the LJ posts that were primarily photo links, but for the most part this is no big loss; the photos themselves were the key content.

It says something about my recent LJ activity that the "recent posts" page here now covers about three and a half years of content.
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[personal profile] dewline 2017-04-08 10:59 am (UTC)(link)
Dreamwidth recently started making image-archiving space available to its users, if that helps you at all.