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mmcirvin ([personal profile] mmcirvin) wrote2017-04-09 08:47 am

Comments up

Well, comments have been imported from LJ--including, apparently, some comment spam that I never got around to deleting (LJ had a major problem with that). I had it set to screen anonymous comments, so you probably won't see most of the spam if it's still there.

The default settings for DW are to allow comments only from registered accounts, which is probably how I should have had things set on LiveJournal. I suspect the spam scene here is going to be less of a problem for now just because Dreamwidth is so obscure, but we'll see.
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[personal profile] secretagentmoof 2017-04-09 03:58 pm (UTC)(link)
You contacted support yet? I bet, especially with all the recent migration, they'd be able to tell you how to nuke comments via the admin console or some other method.